Rise of the animals triumph of

The rise of modern science The authority of phenomena Even as Dante was writing his great work, deep forces were threatening the unitary cosmos he celebrated. The pace of technological innovation began to quicken.

Rise of the animals triumph of

When you see this picture, what is it that you think of? Do you think of ancient rituals? Does seeing this cause you to think of the old religions and cultures? I am the LORD. Why did God put this warning in the Bible?

Do you know that the ancients would conduct human and child sacrifices being with the human body and head of the bull? Do you know that the modern image of Molock is an owl?

The ancient people who worshiped Molock live in an area that was referred to as Canaan, the levant or the Mediterranean. Molock was worshiped in Rome, Carthage, Greece, the entire Mediterranean area. It is known that in the times of old, Molock and was considered the king of the gods and it is believed that Baal, the bull god was a prince god of Molock.

We know from historical writings that these people worship their king God via sacrifice. They would sacrificed many things to Molock, some would being food, physical possessions, animals and even their own children.

Rise of the animals triumph of

See, Molock is a blood thirsty god and the people were known for sacrificing their own babies and children to Molock. Actually, there is an account that happened in Carthage where boys were sacrificed and killed in the name of Molock.

The Roman historian Diodorus and other ancient historians gave graphic accounts of Carthaginian child sacrifice: There is rituals were more clandestine and underground. There are only historical rumors as to people worshiping Molock. Once such instance is the Hell Fire Club.

This was a secret society that heralded debauchery, blasphemy God any way they could and it is believed they also conducted human and child sacrifices. The appeal to bring back the gods like Molock, Baal, Osiris, Isis and others.

But the end goal is to prepare the world to put their supreme god on the throne, that being Lucifer. The god-king represented man on a higher evolved, naturally selected scale, man ascended, and the worship of such a god, i.

It was the belief that all being was one being materialist-pantheist monismand the god therefore was an ascended man on that scale of being. The power manifested in the political order was thus a manifestation or apprehension and seizure of divine power through the conceptual murder of God.

It represented the triumph of a man i. Moloch worship was thus a political religion i.

Rise of the animals triumph of

Moloch worship was thus state worship. The state was the true and ultimate order, and religion was a department of the state. The state claimed total jurisdiction over man necessitating mind-control, re-education, concentration camps, brainwashing ; it was therefore entitled to total sacrifice.

We allowed God to be taken out of society as a whole. No longer is God taught in school. The bible, Jesus, the 10 commandments are banned.

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Wicca, Satanism, goddess worship. Pagan New Age practices like transcendental meditation, channeling, altered states of consciousness are becoming common place discussions. These are Luciferian in origin and they are entering the public at an astounding rate.

So much so that what once was talked about in hushed back room talk, is now being fully accepted in public life, television, even politics.

Lesser efforts, divination, spirit-questing, magic and witchcraft are equally anathema to God. They are assertions that the world is not of God but of brute factuality, and that man can somehow master the world and the future by going directly to the raw materials thereof.

The goal of the Luciferians is to control the world, with the help of the gods. But a goal that many do not realize is to see the death of all Christians and Jews.

That is if you are a Luciferian and he or the other gods like you.

Now I Rise (The Conqueror's Saga #2) by Kiersten White

If you are not part of the Luciferian crowd, well guess what? Because Christians are no longer standing against the evil.November 9/10 - Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.

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