Podcast on writing a novel

In the last few years podcasts have exploded in worldwide popularity.

Podcast on writing a novel

Our bodies and minds need time to recharge in order to do our best work. Podcasts are a great way to expand your horizons and to get new tips, tricks, and ideas while doing other things like cooking dinner, commuting, or tidying up.

Plus, writing can feel a little lonely sometimes, since we spend so much of our time inside our own heads or typing intently.

Here are 15 of our favorite podcasts for writers, spanning from shows that cover the business of publishing to ones that help with writing inspiration and motivation.

All types of publishing experiences are represented, from self-publishing to small press and indie publishing to traditional publishing. If you want to sell more books and take your author career to the next level, Publishing Profits is the podcast for you!

Tune in on the TCK website ; we post new episodes every week right on the home page along with show notes and transcripts. You can also subscribe on iTunes or Android.

Every Wednesday, Sean unleashes the power of his creativity to tackle building a creative business and discusses how to build a sustainable living from creative work, including writing, without burning yourself out.

From building an audience to finding time to write amidst family obligations to taking time for creative refreshes, Sean covers every aspect of creative business life and offers actionable tips on how to improve your processes and sales.

Novel Marketing Although we might not want to admit it, a lot of us hate marketing. This show is all about identifying why marketing feels so awful to some writers and getting around that pain to help you promote your book better.

It also offers some great tips for meeting your writing and career goals. Catch the podcast on iTunesStitcheror the website. Every week, the hosts go over interesting, actionable tips that you can use to help turbocharge your book sales. Plus, they discuss current publishing industry news and trends in an accessible, approachable way.

Subscribe on iTunes or the website. If you work with clients, perhaps as a content writer, this is a must-listen show. If you just want to figure out how to set prices for your work, pitch your ideas, organize your writing life, and make the most of your writing business, then you should still be tuning in!

The Narrative Breakdown focuses on examining how popular novels, movies, TV shows, and more engage their audiences and how you can use those secrets to amp up your own writing. The tips span a huge range—unlike some podcasts or writing websites that focus on a single genre, The Narrative Breakdown talks about horror plots one episode and writing for children the next.

It even digs deep into writing characters of genders other than yours, how to create suspense, and even how to plot out a video game or graphic novel.

Tune in through iTunes or the website. Grammar Girl has your back! Listen on iTunes or the website.In the last two chapters we looked at fiction podcast formats and story structures.

If you’ve settled on both of these then you’re ready to begin writing your script.

podcast on writing a novel

There’s a few things to consider when writing scripts for audio as opposed to a visual medium, and that’s what we’re going to . weekly podcast on writing and getting published Writer Britney Mills interviews published authors, hoping to motivate those who have a dream to write and publish a book.

Writers like Jacob Gowans, Joel Boggess, Jennifer Moore and others that will help motivate you 3 days a week! View in iTunes; View in monstermanfilm.coms: 4. Several of the sites that made it onto our Best Websites list have their own podcasts. If getting your writing info audibly appeals more to you than looking at a screen, be sure to check them out!

In 15–20 minute episodes, the hosts of this podcast pack in plenty of great craft advice, a book of the week and a practice exercise. Writing the book on your heart vs. Writing for the market.

podcast on writing a novel

Both are absolutely valid, but if your aim is to make money then write for the market. Often the book that is on your heart will teach you many lessons, but won't make you rich. (but books in general don't make you a millionaire!). Writing. Writing prose (and essentially writing a novel) can be a difficult thing to do, and few people have actually managed to complete one.

If you’ve already written a book or two then you’re well past the halfway mark to creating a podcast novel. Writing Excuses is a fast-paced (15 minutes per episode), weekly podcast presented by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler and covers topics related to writing .

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