New product release ppt

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New product release ppt

Elizabeth Wharton LawyerLiz Connected devices provide a new playground of attack and vulnerability vectors to implement, test, and protect. Launching a home-built drone to test wireless access points, for example, may require authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission.

Testing connected car software? Before incorporating connected technology as part of your research, know where to find the regulatory traps and ways to minimize their legal impact. This presentation will provide an overview of federal privacy, security, and safety regulations triggered by IoT research and a breakdown of recent federal enforcement actions.

Minimize the risks, spend the money saved on beer or more gear. Elizabeth is a technology-focused business and public policy attorney and host of the national radio show "Buzz Off with Lawyer Liz.

New product release ppt

This talk will discuss most of its features, how to use it to assess the security of smart devices and find vulnerabilities, including live demos. The framework source code will be released just before the talk. He spoke at various international security conferences including Chaos Communication Camp, Hack.

When it comes to tech issues, Commissioner McSweeny has focused on the valuable role researchers and hackers can play protecting consumer data security and privacy. She opposes bad policy and legislative proposals like mandatory backdoors and the criminalization of hacking.

She believes that enforcers like the FTC should work with the researcher community to protect consumers. With a PhD in computer science focused on security and privacy from Princeton, Dr.

Calandrino is personally motivated to see the work and views of the security community drive educated government action and policy. From personal experience uncovering vulnerabilities in voting machine source code, contributing to the cold-boot attack on disk encryption for which he won a prestigious Pwnie Award!

His goals at the FTC include continuing to build both its internal technical expertise and its bonds with the larger security community. Let me Manage that for you Bro!

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Formerly is a network engineer and software developer. There will be no vendor shaming. Elvis Collado is a Senior Security Researcher for Praetorian with a main focus in embedded electronics.

Elvis got into electronics ever since he discovered his first vulnerabilities in some of the devices he personally owned. He decided to migrate his research from the desktop space to the embedded space and wants to share what he has learned with everyone.

These devices are manufactured and produced by Trane, a popular heating and cooling company offering Zwave and WiFi enabled thermostats packaged with their appliances. This talk covers a previously unreleased vulnerability in the Trane ComfortLink thermostats that allows for remote manipulation and information extraction by an attacker.

The devices are vulnerable by default and this talk addresses the physical dangers posed by this vulnerability to customers. The tools and methods used in finding this vulnerability are also discussed at-length in the presentation along with a video demonstration of the exploit in action.

His career began with full-stack web development before moving into system administration and eventually vulnerability and security research. His current work includes maintaining and developing vulnerability tools within Trustwave.Fast-start technology roadmapping Prague Thursday 9th October , - Dr Robert Phaal Useful references Implementing roadmapping Individual planning & discussion See planning sheet: Objectives, scope, stakeholders, architecture, process, information sources, key issues, next steps Individually (or with colleagues) work through ‘planning sheet’ - 10 minutes Pull out key points.

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Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) Compliance: GMPs EXPLAINED Presented by Raymond A. Bonner Nathan C. Sheers SIDLEY AUSTIN BROWN & WOOD, LLP. Conference Program.

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New product release ppt

This is a working draft agenda. Download the latest from Windows, Windows Apps, Office, Xbox, Skype, Windows 10, Lumia phone, Edge & Internet Explorer, Dev Tools & more. A photo presentation being created and edited in PowerPoint , running on Windows

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