Baroth session 1 assignment

Write a plot summary, up to words, of a story already in progress or write the summaries for two to three new story ideas, words total. I learned from this exercise that I need to write the entire plot, point by point — I got wrapped around the word limit axle. Mollie Kinsella Gallo, granddaughter of famous s Western movie star and television actor Danny Kelly Daniel Kinsellaseeks to divorce her husband of 8 years, Mick Gallo.

Baroth session 1 assignment

The questions you need to answer are on the next page. A key part of research involves formulating interesting questions and then developing a methodology and collecting appropriate data to answer those questions. In this assignment, assume that you are the researcher who developed the survey you saw Part Baroth session 1 assignment of this assignment.


Normally, you would have your research questions in mind prior to developing a survey. For convenience, the survey items are shown below.

Although not as detailed, this mirrors the format used in many research reports.

Baroth session 1 assignment

Respond to the following items. In Part A of this assignment, you selected a random sample of 30 StatCrunch U students and created a StatCrunch file containing data from the above survey for those students.

You will use the StatCrunch data file you created in Part A to complete this assignment. Following the instructions at the end of Part A, paste your StatCrunch data file in the space below. This will allow your instructor to see your data. State a question related to a categorical variable that can be answered using your survey data and the techniques you have studied thus far in this course.

Baroth session 1 assignment

You are encouraged to develop your own question, but you may use an appropriate question from the StatCrunch website. The question you use should be about theentire population of StatCrunchu students—not just about those in the sample.

Assume that your sample is representative of the population. How are the students distributed across the classes of Freshmen 1Sophomore 2Junior 3 and Senior 4? Does the proportion of females change across the classes? Explain the methodology you will use to answer the question you posed.

Session One Homework Assignment

Your explanation should include answers to the following questions. Do not include your analysis or answers to your question here—only describe how you will do the analysis.

Why did you choose them? A histogram will show the data in a clear way and I would also use a percentage instead of whole numbers due to the large amount. Carry out the methodology described in b above.

Based on the results of b and c above, answer your question. Include an explanation of how you used the graphs and charts to formulate your answer.

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State a question related to a numerical variable that can be answered using your survey data and the techniques you have studied thus far in this course.

The question you use should be about theentire population of StatCrunch U students—not just about those in the sample. Include an explanation of how you used the graphs, charts, and numerical summaries to formulate your answer.

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