An introduction to the history of bo jackson

Introduction[ edit ] Bo Jackson was a high-visibility football and baseball star in the s and s. His careers in both sports would have lasted longer but for injuries. The Bo Jackson merchandising campaign included a line of athletic shoes as well as a series of advertisements endorsing products with the phrase "Bo Knows.

An introduction to the history of bo jackson

Noticing that many of his fellow gymrats arrived with a solitary pair, often performing multiple activities in unsuitable footwear, Hatfield was tired of packing four pairs of shoes- one for basketball, one for running, one for weights and another for racquet sports.

Thereabouts a fluorescent tube flickered and went off. Hatfield went back to his office to design a hybrid that could do the job of four sneakers. Nike execs were unconvinced, but with the help of a young Mark Parker the future Nike CEOHatfield emerged victorious with a stunning prototype.

The Air Trainer 1 was unlike anything seen at this point. It was a hybrid court shoe with roots in basketball. But the differences were noticeable enough for consumers to understand they were totally designed for training. The three-quarter height provided the stability while the black forefoot strap added another layer of support and straight-up bad ass appeal in the looks department.

That tough and technical stance juxtaposed with premium leather, grey suede and green accents allowed the Trainer 1s to flex perfectly at the gym, in the street and on the tennis courts.

It was truly four, maybe even five shoes in one. A unique design alone rarely launches a sneaker into its own franchise category, but with the Air Trainer 1, Nike has created the perfect product for its time.

Bo Jackson: Bo Jackson, American athlete who starred for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League during his short but storied professional career and who is widely considered one of the greatest all-around athletes in history. Bo Jackson didn't have a long career, but you certainly stopped what you were doing when he came to the plate. He never played for a world champion, but the 6-foot-1, pound Jackson was the first . Luther Robinson was an introduction to the history of bo jackson born in Richmond, Virginia, and raised in its Jackson Ward neighborhood. His parents were Maxwell, a machine-shop a review of germany in world war i.

Technology, design, marketing and athletic performance all converged together with the simultaneous launch of visible air, cross training, and the first Air Jordans with reptile embossed side panels and total absence of the iconic Swoosh.

The future was so bright, Joel Goodsen was still wear shades. The birth of cross training as we know it begins in the mid- 80s, but its roots can be traced back to the start of the s, when the notion of physical well being entered the American consciousness.

Kennedy was a major proponent of the benefits of youth fitness programs and even wrote an article on the topic for Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Lydiard was the first to promote fitness through road running, something he referred to as jogging, which was a unique idea at the time.

An introduction to the history of bo jackson

This is a significant moment in sportswear history because it was the first time something as simple as jogging in the street gets marketed as an actual sport. Running clubs were formed around the country and as their popularity spread, a whole new genre of sportswear and equipment was created to serve these amateur athletes, many of whom were obsessed with an idea of completing a marathon.

Demand for jogging sneakers would explode in the 70s, with New Balance, ASICS, Saucony, adidas and the newly formed Nike competing for the hearts of long distance practitioners.

In its place health clubs begin to sprout up, with personalized fitness products designed for the newly- christened demographic known as yuppies young urban professionals.

Long distance runners had been defined by their scrawny physiques, but yuppies had their own body image to aim for- hairless chests and bionic biceps, much like a human version of a Ken doll.

Perhaps it was a delayed reaction to Pumping Iron, a docudrama about the world of bodybuilding that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also at some point, society began to equate a buffed body with the notion of being a winner.

If you were in shape, it meant that you were successful in life and could also afford to spend time and money in state-of-the-art facilities. Universe was a new concept driven by boundless vanity and would become one of the enduring symbols of the s.

Braided headbands, neon leotards and leg warmers quickly became the quintessential accessories. In Reebok created the Freestyle, the first athletic shoe manufactured and marketed specifically for women.

With Reebok crushing the opposition, Paul Fireman must have felt totally vindicated by his decision to focus on women. Over at Nike, Phil Knight was livid and plotting revenge. In an effort to cash-in, brands targeted the next best thing- aerobics shoes for men- albeit under the more virile title of fitness.

Yet there was something elementary missing from the fitness formula. Perhaps the shoes were too sleekly feminine to reach tipping point, but the answer was not far away. Cross training had arrived as a category and the world was about to find out, sneaker design and marketing had just been taken to the next level.

Music fans were outraged. Paul McCartney and every sneaker lover in the free world was gobsmacked as cross trainers and visible air were all introduced in monotone with amateur athletes appearing alongside John McEnroe and a jovial young Michael Jordan.

You say you want a revolution? Well, there it was! Legend has it that McEnroe was reluctantly given the shoes by Nike staffer Peter Moore who expressly told him never to wear them playing tennis.Dec 30,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Introduction []. Bo Jackson was a high-visibility football and baseball star in the s and careers in both sports would have lasted longer but for injuries. During this period Jackson's name became a household brand.

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Pop sensation Michael Jackson is born on this day in Gary, Indiana. Jackson began performing with his four brothers in the pop group the Jackson 5 when he was a child. The group scored its first. Bo Jackson Essay Sample. Everyone has a favorite athlete that they admire watching as they grow up.

But my favorite athlete is a athlete that I was never able to see play. His name is Vincent Edward Jackson better known as Bo Jackson. He was born on November 30, in Bessemer, Alabama.

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Bo Jackson was born on Nov. 30, , in Bessemer, Alabama He was a 6' 1", pounds tailback. He graduated from McAdory High School in McCalla, Ala., and attended Auburn from

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